Point Break Social Beach Volleyball 2013

Week One

Wombles Vs. Shazam
Aspire Black Vs. Cambridge Dental
Aspire Red Vs. Wackrows
Team Platinum Vs. Motley Crew

Week Two

Cambridge Dental Vs. Wombles
Shazam Vs. Wackrows
Aspire Black Vs. Motley Crew
Aspire Red Vs. Team Platinum

Week Three

Wombles Vs. Wackrows
Cambridge Dental Vs. Motley Crew
Shazam Vs. Team Platinum
Aspire Black Vs. Aspire Red

Week Four

Motley Crew Vs. Wombles
Wackrows Vs. Team Platinum
Cambridge Dental VS. Aspire Red
Shazam Vs. Aspire Black

Week Five

Wombles Vs. Team Platinum
Motley Crew Vs. Aspire Red
Wackrows Vs. Aspire Black
Cambridge Dental Vs. Shazam

Week Six

Aspire Red Vs. Wombles
Team Platinum Vs. Aspire Black
Motley Crew VS. Shazam
Wackrows VS Cambridge Dental

Week Seven

Wombles Vs. Aspire Black
Aspire Red Vs. Shazam
Team Platinum Vs. Cambridge Dental
Motley Crew Vs. Wackrows

Business House Beach Volleyball

– Starts again September 2009

After a successful summer season at the start of ’09 the next season will be in the Summer of ’09/10 – Tuesday 29th September is the proposed start date. We may run two 6 week competitions before Christmas kicks in. To join our database for updates click here

Beach Volleyball training

Winter Weekend training sessions – will be starting soon.

Even though its cold, it can be beautiful & sunny & windless – perfect Beach Volleyball weather!
Bring your socks…..

The idea is to learn some skills, practise some drills and play some games!

All skill levels – everybody more than welcome from newbies to pro’s!

contact ingrid@beachvolleyball.co.nz for more details & to register your interest

New equipment has arrived!

Thanks to the generosity of the Perry Foundation the Karapiro Sand courts have purchased the best beach volleyball equipment in the world via Sandstorm Australia – the company of Natalie Cook, Olympic Gold medalist in Beachvolleyball in Sydney in 2000.

This means that the Karapiro Sand courts now have four international standard beach volleyball nets, poles, boundary lines and Mikasa Olympic standard balls – making it the best equipped sand court in New Zealand.

The Karapiro Sand courts have played host to international players from Germany & the Netherlands and enabled members of New Zealand teams to train with international standard facilities at hand.

Cambridge – Town of Champions, triumphs again in bringing top class sporting facilities and resources to the help of our athletes, through the efforts of the members of the Waikato Recreation Charitable Trust

if you would like to hire the courts and equipment please email us here